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    LEDECHEM – Produtos Químicos SA, a company founded in 1981, is a modern plant dedicated to manufacturing and marketing chemicals for the textile industry.

    With significant strides in innovation and training, LEDECHEM has made considerable investments in know-how, facilities, machinery and equipment, while conducting its operations at facilities comprising some 1500 m2 in floor space, equipped technological and production resources capable of responding to the market’s high demands.

    A close relationship, trust and technical support make LEDECHEM a sound, consolidated company in the marketplace, as its point of honor includes strict compliance with international standards and directives governing the textile sector.

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      LEDECHEM considers vital to implement a Quality Management System, in accordance with standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008, as well as the necessary resources for the organization’s efficiency and performance.

      To fully comply with quality parameters, LEDECHEM invests in three major lines of action:
      Continuous Improvement of Processes;
      Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty;
      Motivation and Recognition of Human Resources.

      LEDECHEM is strongly committed to continuous customer satisfaction, by providing them with assistance, so as to ensure an atmosphere of trust and growth.

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      Environment and Sustainability
      LEDECHEM is sensitive to the creation of ecological, environmentally friendly formulas, and so this is one area in which the company continues to invest heavily. This awareness to the issue of the environment involves research and development of products that are technologically more advanced and offering greater end-user performance, namely in terms of production time management, water and energy savings, and lower environmental impact.

      LEDECHEM has chosen to innovate and develop chemical formulas for the future as one of its main corporate goals, thereby facilitating sustainable, environmentally friendly growth.

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      Research and Development
      LEDECHEM makes chemistry for the future. 

      Aware that we face a competitive and constantly changing market, LEDECHEM has assessed its customers’ needs and problems, while devoting itself to research and development into the technical solutions most suited to each particular case. In this regard, LEDECHEM also has the benefit of being able to, if necessary, work in partnership with the technical departments of its suppliers.

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      Delivery service
      Along with the variety of products, LEDECHEM offers competitive advantages in terms of the quality-to-price ratio of the products and services provided, as is the case with its delivery service using its own vehicles, enabling the company to meet its customers’ needs.

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