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How to prevent color loss in dyeing hemp fiber articles

Mar 28, 2023 | Case-studies LEDECHEM

At LEDECHEM, we believe that our success is directly related to our customers' satisfaction. That is why, in addition to producing high-quality chemicals, we also provide technical consultancy services that help our customers overcome any challenges in their textile production. In this article, we will share a real-life example in which one of our clients faced a problem of color loss in fabric during the finishing process with a calender, and how we were able to solve this problem with the help of our new product, LEDEDEEP SI.

Color loss in articles based on hemp fiber? We have the solution.

The technical consultancy we provide to our clients is one of our added values. When a client contacts us with a problem in their textile production process, our first step is to analyze all available information to understand the cause of the problem and thus find an appropriate solution. 

This is what happened when one of our clients, who was producing hemp-based home textiles for the first time, contacted us reporting a problem of color loss during the finishing process with a calender. It is common for our clients to complain that the use of a calender impacts the brightness of the product's colors. However, damages are controlled if there is adequate preparation at the beginning of the production process. In the case of hemp fiber, however, the impact is drastically greater.

After studying the problem and analyzing the products used by the client, as well as the characteristics of hemp fiber, we concluded that the best solution would be to use our new product, LEDEDEEP SI. This product is especially suitable for situations where the batch goes outside the intended color level during a dyeing process, allowing for quick and effective color correction without affecting the articles' touch.

LEDEDEEP SI is a product that distinguishes itself from other similar products on the market by allowing the customer to enjoy the same quality in all batches, without affecting the articles' touch. With the use of this product, our client was able to avoid color loss that was visible after a pass through the calender, brightening it and thus giving that home textile the appearance they intended to obtain.

Conclusion: our technical consultancy, a critical factor for our clients to choose LEDECHEM

At LEDECHEM, we are always ready to help our clients overcome the challenges of their textile production. 

Our technical consultancy is one of our strengths and has been an added value for many of our clients. Furthermore, the quality of our products is guaranteed by internationally recognized certifications. With the use of LEDEDEEP SI, our client was able to overcome their color loss problem during the finishing process with a calender, being very happy with the results obtained and with how quickly LEDECHEM was able to respond to the challenge.

LEDECHEM clients have us as their privileged business partner for the production of chemicals for the textile industry. The agility in delivering an informed response to challenges in textile production and the quality of our products allow for this.