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Ledechem - Expansion has an origin

Mar 14, 2024 | News

Even for our loyal followers and customers, the story behind Ledechem is not always as evident as the products we provide. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that we take this opportunity to share a bit of our journey, from our origins to the ambitions that drive us into the future. Join us on this journey as we unveil our roots and outline the paths ahead.

In the beginning, in 1981, Jorge Marta established the family company "Jorge Marta Limitada," kicking off a long journey in the chemical industry. His son, António Marta - now CEO of Ledechem - played a crucial role in the company's development, while José Marta, his brother, contributed economic expertise to the business growth.

  • Genesis and Expansion: Ledechem originated from a small family-owned chemical trading company and grew gradually over the years. José Marta, armed with a feasibility study, drove expansion by establishing a dyeing plant from scratch, with crucial support from António Marta, who had just graduated from a textile school in Belgium. This period was marked by entrepreneurial vision and tireless dedication to the business.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: Today, Ledechem is at the forefront of innovation, committed to rigorous environmental standards. It became the first company in Portugal to achieve certification with the ZDHC 3.1 standard.Its research and development laboratory is the backbone of the company, offering customized and rapid solutions to customers.
  • Operational Excellence and Close Customer Relationships: The company stands out for its delivery capability, with over 98% of orders fulfilled on time. Additionally, the specialized consultancy of António Marta, a profound industry expert, strengthens bonds with customers, ensuring quick and effective solutions to production challenges.
  • Internationalization and Future: Constant evolution and stability in the domestic market guide Ledechem towards an international expansion strategy. This strategy is vital to ensuring continuous and sustainable growth in the global landscape. The recent recognition as PME Excelência 2022 attests to the company's financial strength and commitment to excellence, preparing it for the challenges and opportunities the future holds.

Currently, Ledechem operates as a driving force for innovation and excellence in the textile industry. With a solid foundation, a dedicated team, and a vision for the future, it is poised to lead the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. The motto "Green formulas. Next gen chemistry." is not just a statement of intent, but an unwavering commitment to the evolution and progress of the industry. 

  • We have defined a strategic range of solutions to provide specific products to our customers in different markets different markets (Garments, Fashion, Home-Textile, Sportswear)
  • At the forefront of our production is the methodology "Boost by Ledechem” – “Innovative, efficient, green”.
    From water and energy conservation to optimizing resource usage, our innovative solutions aim to transform the textile industry, creating a more sustainable and efficient future.

We will have more to share soon. Stay tuned with us.