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A Logistics Partner of Choice

Sep 16, 2020 | News

Having the right partner is vital for companies in the textile and clothing industry. A reliable partner capable of solving problems and ensuring international shipments safely. In an increasingly demanding and globalized market, companies feel the need to find a partner that ensures not only the whole logistical service, but also the transport service for their products at the most affordable prices. With the advance of information technologies in real time, transport gains a fundamental dimension so that the logistical objective is achieved: the right product, in quantity, time and place required, at the lowest possible cost.

LEDECHEM is the ideal partner to fulfill all of the customer needs, as it offers a fast and efficient transport service. The objective is that, depending on LEDECHEM, the customer never stops its production.

In addition to logistics services, LEDECHEM offers a technical consultancy service provided by the experienced administrator António Marta. Industrial engineer trained at the École Supérieure des Textiles de Tournai, Belgium, he is an experienced and specialized expert in the textile sector.

While providing a wide range of products for textile finishing, LEDECHEM ensures a top-level delivery service. The absence of product will never be a problem.