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LEDEDEEP SI saves time and resources while it increases production

Nov 19, 2020 | Marketing

LEDEDEEP SI is a new product by Ledechem that becomes very advantageous to use when there is a "departure" that goes out of the desired color level during a dyeing process (eg. 10 to 15% below the desired shade).

Instead of doing a reassembly on the machine - that could last somewhere between 2 and 3 hours - the dyeing process is concluded.. The adjustment of the color intensity is given on the finishing machine by LEDEDEEP SI together with the finishing recipe, in order to achieve the desired color level, without changing the touch.

This product is distinguished from similar ones mainly because it does not affect the touch of the items, allowing customers to enjoy the same quality in all matches.


Detailed benefits

  • It brightens the color, depending on the amount of product applied in the recipe;
  • It does not alter the touch or hydrophilicity of the articles;
  • Correction of the color made directly in the strip machine, together with the other finishing products;
  • Time saving, plus water and energy efficiency;
  • Production growth due to unnecessary machine reassembling to reach the desired color level.