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OXIMAGIC, the perfect substitute for Potassium Permanganate

Sep 16, 2020 | Marketing

Potassium Permanganate is an essential agent for the fading effect on jeans. The huge presence of denim in the fashion world has guaranteed Permanganate a place of great importance in the textile finishing sector. However, its harmfulness requires an efficient replacement.

Despite its effectiveness and bold presence in the market, a drastic reduction in the use of Permanganate is necessary.

What are the disadvantages of Potassium Permanganate?
In recent years, scientific studies have revealed that, in addition to being highly flammable, Permanganate is a harmful material to the environment and requires a lot of safety precautions for operators. Without proper precautions, it can cause irritation in the respiratory system of the textile worker. Contact with the skin leads to aging, pain and severe burns. Prolonged contact can cause dermatitis. When in contact with the eyes, permanganate dust causes severe irritation, redness, blurred vision and may originate serious damage, with possible sequelae. As for deposition in the environment, when dissolved in aqueous solution, it can be toxic to aquatic life.

In partnership with the Asutex group, Ledechem presents OXIMAGIC. The ideal substitute for Potassium Permanganate. OXIMAGIC is not harmful to the environment and simplifies the process of fading denim. It is a new agent free of manganese and chlorine. Being ecologically responsible it has been specially designed to achieve an unique discharging capacity in denim. OXIMAGIC can discharge indigo, sulfuric acid and mixtures of both, providing the faded appearance closer to that obtained with permanganate while working in the same way. Its application can be carried out with a clear view of the product and does not need to undergo a curing process - substantially simplifying the fading process.

This is yet another product that fits into Ledechem's efficiency, economy and ecology policy.

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