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Research & Development


Our development strategy is based on a structured research team, able to respond to the present and future requirements of our customers.

Aware that we face a competitive and constantly evolving market, LEDECHEM studies the needs and problems demonstrated by customers, dedicating itself to the investigation and development of the most appropriate technical solutions in each case. We have a highly specialized team of technicians who are in charge of the development of new products and due application processes. At this level, LEDECHEM also presents the added value of being able to work, if necessary, in partnership with the technical departments of its suppliers, which enables an even faster and more advanced evolution in the innovation process.

Our Lab

LEDECHEM provides with a latest equipment modern laboratory.


Always looking for the latest innovations, investment in R&D is a priority at LEDECHEM.


Continuous search for chemical optimization, in accordance with international parameters.


LEDECHEM has a qualified, experienced and available technical team

That comes equipped with a modern laboratory where it develops products for finishing - Dyeing, Stamping and others -, as well as solutions for the specific needs of customers, looking for the appropriate response to each situation.
Under the international norms and directives of the sector, LEDECHEM guarantees the perfect integration of the product in the internal and external market by its conformity in the chemical parameters.
The laboratory carries out tests and research of new raw material. The proposal is to develop products according to the needs of the market, always trying to find a solution that meets the specific requirements of each customer.
Equipped with technological and productive means capable of responding to the high demands of the market, LEDECHEM has always invested in Product Quality Control and will take another step forward with the creation of a new laboratory, which will allow the development of R&D areas (Research and Development) enhancing the creation of new products.

Customer Approved

Trusted by customers

“LEDECHEM is always able to solve our problems in a timely manner, without compromising on rigor”

“It is at LEDECHEM that we find the most innovative and differentiated products. R&D is very strong.”

“LEDECHEM has the most accessible team on the market, competent and reliable personnel.”