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Sustainability in Textile Industry post COVID-19

Sep 16, 2020 | News

The pursuit of sustainability has been a constant path in Textile Industry. High levels of consumption and pollution are at the base of high restraint measures implemented assertively - especially in Europe - through the creation of barriers to production, consumption and sale of products that do not respect the requirements imposed by organizations such as GOTS, Bluesign, REACH, etc.

What is the impact of the pandemic on the sustainability of the textile industry?

A study by the US Cotton Trust Protocol states that 54% of executives responsible for sustainability in clothing and textiles felt an increase in consumer demand for environmentally sustainable products and practices. However, 59% continue to believe that price remains the primary factor at the time of purchase. Still, 43% of respondents believe that the pandemic had a positive impact on investment in sustainability during this period. “It is clear that COVID-19 has caused economic challenges across the supply chain, but this research shows that companies and their customers remain focused on sustainability,” says the president of the U.S.Cotton Trust Protocol. Data can be found here.

LEDECHEM maintains its focus on sustainability. With a wide portfolio of certified chemicals that allows its customers to trust responsible and sustainable production - a requirement for the textile industry today.