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GOTS certification
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Green Formulas. Next Gen chemistry.


We develop green formulas to minimize the environmental impact of the textile industry.


1/5 of industrial water pollution originates from the dyeing and textile treatment phase.

Trillions of Liters of Water

The textile industry uses between 6 to 9 trillion liters of water each year, just to dye fabrics.

Our Green Formulas.

Water Saving

Time Saving

Energy Saving

Production Eco-efficiency

GOTS Certification, version 6.0

Level 3 ZDHC Certification

A reliable partner.

Fast and Efficient Transportation

Our commercial team's fleet consists of plug-in and electric vehicles. We guarantee timely delivery of the right product, in the required quantity, time, and place, at the lowest possible cost.

Production Efficiency

Producing more and better. Our products save resources and increase productivity, without compromising quality.

Technical Consultancy

We provide consultancy services through our technical team with extensive experience in the textile industry and the optimization of its manufacturing processes.


Our research team develops solutions to meet the current needs and future demands of our customers.


LEDECHEM complies with the requirements of the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2015 standard attests to international quality and performance standards, offering customers the confidence that the products and services provided by LEDECHEM not only meet their needs but also follow a standard of quality and safety.

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GOTS 6.0

The GOTS 6.0 standard (Global Organic Textile Standard Certificate) aims to ensure that the processing and entire textile supply chain is carried out according to ecological and social criteria. LEDECHEM is constantly adding more GOTS products to its portfolio.

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ZDHC MRSL V2.0 Level 3

We have several products with level 3 certification of the ZDHC MRSL V2. The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program seeks to eliminate harmful chemicals from textile supply chains and ensure that effluents are properly treated.

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António Marta, gerente da Ledechem

LEDECHEM is one of the first national companies to market and produce sustainable chemical products, thereby having an impact throughout the textile industry chain, from LEDECHEM to the end consumer.

António Marta


Industrial engineer trained at École Supérieure des Textiles de Tournai, Belgium.