LEDECHEM raises to 59 the total of GOTS products

17 · Oct · 2022

Conscious and committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the use of components in the textile sector, LEDECHEM has been consolidating, in its formulations, the concept of green formulas. 

We now have around 60 GOTS certified products in our catalog and we are continually adding to the list of new products with GOTS, a significant increase which is a statement and a proof of compromise with the environment.

The GOTS certification proves sustainable production and transformation processes, focused on energy and water savings. This is the case of LEDEDEEP SI, a certified product that contributes to saving time, water and energy. In addition, the standard also aims to improve working conditions, a matter that has been the subject of a continuous effort by LEDECHEM over the years - it should be noted that the company has recently completed remodeling its office areas, thus improving the workspace for each employee. 

Equipped with a specialized research team and technological means capable of responding to the high demands of the market, LEDECHEM is also certified by ISO 9001:2015, the quality management system. This seal ensures the efficiency of processes to meet the requirements of each customer.