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The biodegradable sequestrant ideal for textile processes.

Jun 15, 2023 | Green formulas

This article presents Ledequest DPS, the biodegradable sequestrant ideal for textile processes.

Context - why use sequestrants?

In agriculture, it is common practice to use fertilizers that contain metal ions in order to increase agricultural productivity. As a result, natural textile fibers and groundwater contain high concentrations of these ions.

These metal ions can negatively interfere with the quality and performance of textile products, particularly affecting their color, strength, and durability.

Hence, there is a need to use products that neutralize these highly harmful metal ions, especially during preparation and dyeing processes. This is where sequestrants come into play.

This article presents Ledequest DPS, the most sought-after biodegradable sequestrant in the portuguese textile industry.

Ledequest DPS is a biodegradable sequestrant for metal ions present in the water used in textile processes such as preparation and dyeing, as well as in the textile itself. Due to the use of fertilizers rich in magnesium, iron, among others, in agriculture, these metal ions contaminate water and fiber plantations, potentially compromising the proper functioning and stability of processes. That's why sequestrants are used, aiming to mitigate this effect and increase safety throughout the process.

Ledequest DPS has several unique properties, such as:

  • Thermal stability
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Stability at high pH levels
  • High effectiveness in removing metal ions, including calcium, magnesium, and iron
  • Can be used in dyeing as it does not sequester the metals present in dyes, making Ledequest DPS more versatile (not only focused on a single phase of the textile process)
  • Low toxicity
  • Biodegradable, meaning it is less harmful to the environment than conventional metal ion sequestrants.

Ledechem: the right partner for supplying chemicals to the textile industry

Ledechem is recognized by the textile industry as a reference partner in the marketing and production of sustainable chemicals. The ability of its team to listen to the challenges reported by customers in the production process and suggest a response to the problem is part of the company's DNA, reinforcing its strong connection with customers.

Committed to continuously improving its quality processes, Ledechem is proud to be a GOTS 6.0 and ZDHC level 3 certified company for many of its products, and also certified under ISO 9001:2015.

Learn more about Ledechem's commitment to Sustainability, discover its Laboratory and find out why Research & Development is a continuous part of the company's work.